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Friday, December 19 2014

Photo Gallery

From Plattsmouth High Band Teacher Zach Conrad: We had 12 students selected to the UNO Honor Band (that's record in my time here). Congratulations to the following students: Josie Ptacek (Flute), Alexis Blinston (Flute), Kayla Blinston (Clarinet), Bailey Simoens (Clarinet), Georgia Kennedy (Clarinet), Jacob Bancroft (Alto Sax), Shannon McKinley (Trumpet), Kiara Rodriguez (French Horn), Tim Schreiber (French Horn), Grace Roby (French Horn), Josh Voogd (French Horn), and Lydia Cole (Percussion). Back Row (Left to Right): Tim, Josh, Kiara, Grace, Shannon, and Jacob. Front Frow (L to R): Georgia, Kayla, Bailey, Alexis, Josie, and Lydia.

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